Your online reputation is crucial to your practice

Lately your online reputation has become more important than your online ranking. So it’s not where they find you in search results but more about how many stars are next to your name. It is so important to know what people saying about you online! It can help you to know how your patients really feel, to thank them for their kind words or work on areas where you may need improvement to better serve your patients.

One of the major changes Google made in their search algorithm was to include what people are posting or reviewing online about anything and everyone. This can either work in your favor or really affect your dental practice negatively.

To illustrate this concept…if you come up high in search ranking, but you have low stars with negative feedback, do you think that potential patient is going to book an appointment or keep looking? They will see a negative and keep searching for someone else. You need to have both!

We can not only help your online search engine rankings but have now put our focus on building your reputation, increasing your 5-star reviews so you get more patients and keep the ones you have. Your reputation is also something that needs to be monitored all the time, which is not always so easy to do when you are busy with patients all day.

Remember, people are more inclined to complain than compliment. It also seems that when one person does, everyone else likes to chime in. So the big question is, how do you get your HAPPY PATIENTS to leave a review that will boost your online reputation?

We have the world’s easiest way to get 5-star reviews! Curious about it? Get in touch and we will give you all the details to see if it’s a good fit for you.