Regular Dental Visits

Even though dental practices have been reopened for some time, many people are still concerned about whether or not it is safe to visit their dentist’s office. We’ve established that your oral health is more important than ever, given the ties between COVID complications and gum health, so you absolutely should see your dentist.
Dentists have long known about how your oral health is tied into the health of your entire body. In the paper by Victoria Sampson, she looks into the ways that many of COVID-19's serious complications may be related to oral bacteria.
Did you know that about 42% of Americans don't see a dentist as often as they should? Regular visits to the dentist are key to prevent dental disease, cavities, and other oral issues.
Though reassuring, it can feel like a waste of time and money to schedule a visit to the dentist only to be told that there’s nothing wrong with our teeth. At the same time, if they are ignored, certain symptoms could worsen and cause irreversible damage. So, how do you know whether or not to schedule an appointment?
“Sedation Dentistry” comes up a lot when talking about options for people with a fear of the dentist. However, not many people really understand what it involves: how it works, how it's different from a regular dental visit and what types of people should consider it.
With x-rays, there's always some degree of concern over radiation exposure. Some people argue that their dentists may be taking x-rays too frequently (citing that the ADA suggests between 2-3 years for adults with no cavities or other symptoms), while a few have argued that x-rays shouldn't be necessary at all.
The general rule of thumb tends to be that everyone should see their dentist every six months. However, this doesn't take into account the person's oral hygiene habits or other medical conditions. Does someone with good home care really need to come in just as often as someone who doesn't?
Your at-home hygiene care is important for maintaining healthy teeth and a healthy mouth. However, just as important as your at-home care, is receiving a professional dental cleaning at your dentist’s office.
Fluoride is a mineral that helps to strengthen the enamel of your teeth. Fluoride is found in many foods that we eat, as well as in our tap water. In the dental world, fluoride is known for its ability to prevent cavities from developing, and for keeping our teeth strong and healthy.