While they all say they fight cavities, some claim a variety of other benefits. We’ve seen toothpaste specially formulated for tartar, gingivitis, enamel health, tooth repair, sensitivity, whitening and fresh breath. Some come with extra ingredients like baking soda and peroxide, while others are fluoride and gluten free.
Many people question the effectiveness of flossing, but flossing helps remove the bacteria that a toothbrush can’t reach. It is estimated that if you do not floss, 35% of the tooth’s surface is missed.
Oral hygiene is critical to maintaining healthy teeth and gums. Healthy teeth and gums are critical to your overall health. As part of proper oral hygiene, you must visit your dentist on a regular basis for routine professional cleanings. To cut through some of the confusion, we decided to ask some dentists we know about their thoughts on mouthwash.
Your at-home hygiene care is important for maintaining healthy teeth and a healthy mouth. However, just as important as your at-home care, is receiving a professional dental cleaning at your dentist’s office.