51 Reviews on “Kevin Huff, DDS”

51 reviews
  • Chris A.

    Great doctor & staff. They always make me feel comfortable & I always have great dental care.

  • Ray B.

    The professionalism of this office is of the highest quality I have ever experienced in my years of having used several dentists in my lifetime. Dr. Huff is a straight forward and very thorough dentist. He lets you know up front what treatment is needed and the estimated cost of treatment. The staff is very caring and professional. I would highly recommend Dr. Huff and his staff.

  • Karen S.

    Are you in need of a tooth to be capped or crowned? I would highly recommend my dentist, Dr. Kevin Huff. Some time ago I had a front tooth that overlapped another tooth that needed to be crowned. Dr. Huff said it was going to be a challenge. He came through with flying colors. To this day I cannot see that it was crowned. It was so good that when I went for my checkup the following August, hygienist Sandy had to ask for sure which tooth had been crowned. The young gal that helped choose the matching block from which the crown was made also did an amazing job of a match in color to surrounding teeth. At the time of the crowning, I also had a Fibroma (traumatized tissue) removed and that procedure also went so smoothly without any pain and healed very good. With God guiding Dr. Huff I would trust him with any dental procedure. He is the best.

  • Stacey W.

    My 15-year-old son was at Dover High School for a basketball scrimmage. We are almost two hours away from home and Owen decides to take a charge. It was a beautiful charge except he took an elbow to the face.

    He got up off the floor and asked if his teeth were gone. We rushed him off the court so he wouldn’t bleed all over the court and sent the Ontario basketball team to look for his teeth. The Athletic Trainer at Dover assisted us in rinsing his mouth and controlling the bleeding. Two of Owen’s front teeth were knocked out hanging on in the back of his mouth by his braces. His lips were bleeding pretty heavily as well as his gums.

    There were parents from Dover area trying to contact an orthodontist or a dentist stat! The trainer calls his neighbor, Dr. Kevin Huff. He comes immediately to the High School and puts on his gloves while introducing himself to Owen, he tells him to have a seat. He opens Owen’s mouth and assesses him and immediately. Next, he pulls Owen’s teeth back in their sockets. It’s a miracle. Only 20 total minutes had gone by.

    He then takes us a block away to his office. He proceeded to assess, numb and treat Owen. He sutured Owen’s lips and talked to our orthodontists well. We had our Dentist on messenger at the same time. He gave him ice, 800mg of Motrin and a Gatorade. This is truly “Old fashioned hometown treatment” for folks from out of town.

    I will be forever grateful for this man! I cried after it was all done. Sometimes we hear so much bad in the news, we forget there are so many good people in this world. Truly blessed to have Dr. Huff in the right place at the right time with the caring and compassion he delivered to us. Bless the Office Staff too. His room was actually set up for surgery and was ready to go.

  • A. G.

    I go to Dr. Huff for dental cleanings and dental procedures. No matter what is done it is always explained very well first. Anytime I have had a dental problem I always feel like they do their very best to work me into their schedule and that I am not rushed through. The time is taken with me as with any other appointment that day.

    I have just had my bite adjusted and am VERY pleased. Comfort and function are very important and every step was taken to ensure both for me. This is not the first procedure I have had done here and every time I leave pleased with the results.

    My four-year-old daughter also goes to Dr. Huff and she LOVES to go to the dentist. I hear from so many people that their children are afraid of the dentist, but my daughter is always excited to go. The entire staff makes sure she is as happy as possible while there which makes for a very happy child AND mom. I am very happy to have Dr. Huff and his staff to help my family and I with all of our dental needs.

  • Shawna G.

    Very caring professional staff! Always meeting our needs. Dr. Huff came to our rescue when my husband had oral surgery back in June. He was having excruciating pain and Dr. Huff got him right in to help him relieve the pain. Dr. Huff also does oral cancer screenings which is very important being a cancer Survivor myself. We’ve been coming to the office for 16+ years I believe. We would highly recommend his office. Thanks, Dr. Huff and staff!

  • Cara

    I had been dealing with chronic, debilitating headaches for several months that I couldn’t seem to shake. My husband had recently switched to Dr. Huff for his dentist, and when he found out about my headaches, he strongly recommended that I come to see him. He was able to determine that my headaches were caused by clenching my teeth, and he adjusted my bite to prevent that from happening. Such relief! My husband and I now both see Dr. Huff for our regular cleanings and dental care. Ronda is warm, knowledgeable, and efficient at the front desk, and Sandy is kind and experienced as a dental hygienist. Great staff, all the way around.

  • Anonymous

    Dr. Kevin Huff and his staff are absolutely incredible! Dr. Huff has been my dentist for 15-20 years and now both of my children see him. I am always certain that the recommendations I am given is what will be best. Thank you for going above and beyond!

  • Laura C.

    Dr. Kevin Huff and his staff have always been and continue to be absolutely incredible! I am always 100% POSITIVE that what he recommends is what will be best for my mouth and my health. As a matter of fact I’m so positive about the care that I get that after almost 20ish years of my going to him both of my children see him as well! Dr. Huff has helped correct several issues that I have had and is still doing what is best for myself and my family. Thank you Dr. Huff and staff for ALWAYS going above and beyond!

  • Starr S.

    I truly recommend Dr.Huff. When we moved to the area we always drove back to our old dentist because we were very comfortable with him, which was 90 minutes one way. I had an emergency tooth problem and needed help now. I called his office and staff squeezed me in. I was quite surprised with the friendliness of the staff and how exceptionally clean and sanitary his offices were.
    I was seen and my dental issue was immediately taken care of. On my next visit to my back home dentist he was very satisfied with the work. My teenage daughter also has been going to Dr.Huff and her orthodontist was very satisfied with the teeth cleaning Dr.Huff and his hygienist has done for her around her braces. Braces are off and our family now calls Dr.Huff our home dentist.

  • Damian S.

    Dr. Huff and his staff are purely a good. I have never had a bad experience here. I used to dread going to the dentist. Not anymore. All my cleaning appointments have been very nice. They have fixed my family’s teeth, and my teeth, and kept us much healthier.
    I highly recommend him and his staff.

  • Cyla F.

    My experience at Dr. Huff’s office has been incredibly positive, both in my interactions with the staff and the outcomes of treatment. I left my previous dentist seeking treatment for intense pain along my gum line, tooth sensitivity, and pain in my jaw that led to daily tension headaches. After a thorough assessment, Dr. Huff quickly made the connection that my symptoms were a direct result of me grinding my teeth at night and clenching my jaw. As part of my treatment plan, they created me a bite splint to wear at night, and eventually adjusted my bite altogether. Between the correction of my bite and the protection of the bite splint, I no longer get the daily headaches or experience that “shooting” pain in my teeth, and the sensitivity has decreased almost completely. I’ve additionally gone to the office for a filling and routine cleanings. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Huff’s office for any of the services they offer. The entire staff has proven to be extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and personable.

  • Micah C.

    Dr. Huff and his team recently provided excellent care for a young friend visiting us from Eastern Europe. Access to safe and comfortable dental care is not something she had previously experienced. Dr. Huff and his team were very patient and gentle with her. They took the time to make certain that she understood every step of the care she received through a translation app. They were not only professional, but caring as well. While the prospect of having her cavities treated and some of her teeth sealed made her anxious, Dr. Huff and his associates were reassuring and encouraging at every turn.

    The highest praise came from our young guest who said, “Он очень очень очень хороший врач (He is a very very very very nice doctor)” and hugged him upon leaving. Thanks, Dr. Huff and team!

  • William F.

    I want to send a big THANK YOU to Dr. Kevin Huff & his staff!
    I developed a toothache on Thursday night while on the road and existed on hot coffee, oatmeal, mashed potatoes and ibuprofen for the next four days until I got home. Dr. Huff worked me into his Tuesday morning schedule and was able to save the tooth! Thanks to Dr. Huff & Ashley for their professional & sensitive care, and to Rhonda for making sure that I had my legs under me again before I left the office.

  • Bill P.

    Having a car wreck and leaving face in different shape the dental parts were not properly a-line. After several visits to doctors-contacted Dr. Huff, He explained what was wrong and a solution to fix it! It was not instantly but after several visits it is great to be able to see my smile again! Thanks to Dr huff and his staff

  • Stephanie P.

    I found Dr. Huff by researching online for my boyfriend and we are both thankful for him and his staff. Chris has had a horrible time with getting dentures that actually fit and work. He had 2 sets of dentures from 2 different chain dentist offices. They told him that he would never have dentures that fit because his gums were shot. Enter Dr. Huff! Dr. Huff assured Chris that he could make him teeth that fit and worked! So the process began. The final product is a million times better than those chain dentist teeth. Dr. Huff has listened to everything Chris has told him and tweaked the dentures for a final fit that has made Chris confident and happy! He can talk and eat without the fear of them coming out! Thank you to Dr. Huff and all of the staff! It has been a pleasure meeting and getting to know you!

  • Tony N.

    Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Took time to educate me on what needs done and why. Provided me with all possible outcomes. Informed me of all costs and time involved with. I felt very good about my whole experience.

  • Ken K.

    Dr. Huff is a brilliant Dentist and his staff is fabulous. You could not do better in my opinion. He has the latest equipment, technology and knowledge. I’m very impressed. You will be too.

  • Gayle P.

    I made an appointment for my 90-year-old father. Everyone was helpful and attentive to my father, myself and my friend who was there to help. Dr. Huff and everyone went above and beyond to make my dad comfortable (as could be). How many dentists actually help with transfers? I’m a retired nurse and assisted patients to office visits. I was on my own. With Dr. Huff and staff you won’t feel alone. PLUS, they did a fabulous job helping my father with his dental needs.

  • Cory D.

    All around excellent experience. Very professional and friendly staff. Had to get a good amount of dental work done Doctor Huff made it very painless great experience. Would definitely recommend.

  • Melissa W.

    Absolute best and most professional dentist in the area! Highly recommend!

  • Stephanie S.

    Most caring, gentle, and knowledgeable dentist I know. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Top grade!

  • Bonnie W.

    Excellent dentist ..Needed a lot of work on my teeth and they turned out so nice. Caring dentist with a friendly staff Thanks so much Dr. Huff.

  • Mckenna T.

    I have been going here since I was a little girl. I have never left unhappy or disappointed! I recommend Dr.Huff to anyone! He’s a great man and also has a great staff!

  • Chris A.

    Have been going to Dr. Huff for years. Always great service and friendly. Love the staff too. Would not go anywhere else.

  • Ty M.

    Great workers care about teeth first money second.

  • Lindsy L.

    I absolutely loved Dr. Huff and his staff! So friendly and thorough! You can tell they really care about their patients and their well-being!

  • Shanda M.

    I will tell you that I’m absolutely amazed at the service here. I’ve been frightened of the dentist office since I was very young. They made me feel very comfortable and explained every detail to me as they proceeded.
    I’ve never seen any place so thorough before. Amazed amazed amazed! I found my forever Dentist for sure. Thank you all for being so amazing to me and my husband.

  • Heike C.

    Dr. Huff and his team are great. The first time I came to the office was almost 9 years ago with a half-finished implant. The Implant was started in another country. Dr. Huff ordered everything from the country where I came from and even everything in another language didn’t stop him. I was afraid of going to the dentist, still am, but Dr. Huff and his team are a great help in overcoming my fear and are very comforting. Since I started going to Dr. Huff I got my Implant finished, had Braces (where he and the Orthodontist worked close together), got Veneers and Crowns.

  • Jess D.

    Very good experience. I felt like the staff was well-educated and taught me a lot about my dental health. I would recommend Dr. Huff to others for sure.

  • Jason M.

    Great Dentist and Staff!! They were able to get me in very vast for a tooth extraction. Not having any dental insurance was a concern of mine but bit of theirs. They were extremely friendly and worked with me for the best fit for me financially. Will be a lifelong patient as well as my family.

  • Sharon S.

    Great dentist and staff very friendly and caring!

  • Gerry S.

    Best Dentist. Very Caring.

  • Leah Y.

    I cant say enough good things about my experence at Dr.Huff’s office.For the problems I was having it amazed me how he was able to help me with severe headaches&have total relief&the overall kindness and patience to explain the options and procedures and going out their way to make me feel comfortable.I tried their buisness becuz of a compliment i heard and feel fortunate that I did!

  • Troy-Nikki M.

    Since day 1, Dr. Huff and his staff couldn’t of made me feel more comfortable. It was the best decision I’ve ever made. It’s changed my life and am very lucky and very happy I made the decision to consult with him. I would recommend his office without any hesitation to anyone looking for a dentist.

  • ruth b.

    Excellent service and great staff. Would recommend them to everyone.

  • Scott E.

    Every one there is very kind and care about the patient! I’m glad I was recomended by a co worker of mine.

  • Lance D.

    Dr. Huff and his staff are very professional and extremely courteous. I was away from home working in the Eastern Ohio area and experienced severe tooth pain. Dr. Huff did an excellent job educating me as to what my problems were and what my options were as well. I’m very pleased with the service Dr. Huff provided to me. I would very much recommend him for the best quality of dental care.

  • Elizabeth c.

    I have been to different dentists in this area, none have compared to Dr. HUFF AND HIS TEAM. I had a horrible experience with a near by Dentist clinic. Please stay away from these places. You get what you pay for. When I go to bed at night now, I have to check to see if my dentures are in my mouth. They feel so much like my regular teeth that it’s hard to tell. My hat goes off to Dr Huff. I will never let another Dentist put his hands in my mouth. God Bless, you guys are the cat’s meow!!!!! Never change!!

  • Jenny M.

    Dr.Huff and his staff are wonderful! We just had our 2year old in for his first appointment and he had a awesome first experience. They are so caring to all there patient’s…. Thank you very much!!

  • Anonymous

    Dr. Huff is a highly knowledgeable dentist who keeps up with several levels of dental care. Very helpful, explains everything in detail, and as a result my teeth are beautiful. The staff is very cordial and helpful as well. I would highly recommend Dr. Huff for any dental need.

  • Debra M.

    I am one of those who haven’t been to a dentist in years but Dr Huff and his staff made me very comfortable and are willing to talk to me about what they are going to do before they do it and it is always my decision whether or not to do the work. I like that they take my wishes into consideration and the cost of the procedure. I am very happy being one of their patients. thank you

  • Bob Y.

    I am very pleased with the results from the procedure to correct my receding gums. I only took the pain medication to stay ahead of the pain. I am not sure I needed to take the pills at all. I would recommend the procedure.

  • Denise R.

    I have been a patient since 1997. No other dentist would I recommend. Has taken care of my whole family now. Dr. Huff and his staff are welcoming and will help you relax and keep a healthy smile!!!!

  • Kathy J.

    Everyone who works here are so nice. Ronda is always patient and helpful. Dr. Huff is extremely knowledgable and passionate about his profession. He continues to invest in countless hours of continuing education. This is the kind of dentist you want for your oral health. I highly recommend him!

  • Alex S.

    Great people at this dental office in Dover! Dr. Huff is extremely knowledgeable and did great work for me. His office staff is extremely helpful and very accommodating. Wouldn’t go anywhere else

  • Kathy J.

    Dr. Kevin Huff and his team are truly a pleasure. Dr. Huff is one of the most knowledgeable dentists I have ever known. He takes the time to help me understand my dental care by providing thorough explanations I can comprehend. Thanks, Dr. Huff! He has a professional staff that are patient and kind. I know everyone truly cares about my oral health. I highly recommend Dr. Kevin Huff and his team if you are looking for a dentist in the Dover, Ohio area. This is your new dentist!

  • Mary F.

    I drive 3 hours to my appointments one way

  • A G.

    Great dentist!! Truly cared!

  • Tanya G.

    The staff at Dr. Kevin Huff’s office are polite & make you feel very comfortable. Dr. Huff is a compassionate, caring dentist. I hated going to the dentist but no more. I feel more comfortable with my smile because of his help. Thanks to Dr. Huff & staff. I would recommend him to all.

  • Long post, but worth the read if you are suffering from jaw or neck pain.

    I went to see Dr. Huff as a referral from Dr. Dixon (an amazing dentist) for TMJ pain. At that time, I could not close my mouth all the way, I was unable to chew food, and at times, I couldn’t even swallow. When I saw Dr. Huff for the first time, he talked to me about what I had been experiencing for over an hour! He listened, took notes, and truly made me feel heard. He took extensive X-rays to see what was going on. Once he had all of his information and a lengthy report detailing his findings, WE came up with a game plan on how to best manage my pain! He didn’t simply tell me what I had to have done. He considered my thoughts and opinions without making me feel bad if I chose not to do something.

    Dr. Huff explained that a lot of my pain came from years of clenching my teeth (which I knew I did but did not realize the extent of it). He suggested nightly stretches and using the Bruxton app to help me identify when I am clenching my teeth. I also had numerous injections in my jaw, temples, and front of my neck to relieve the muscle knots, head pain, and jaw pain. I decided to get a bite guard (custom-made) to help at night. Dr. Huff adjusted it several times (on different days) to help with the comfort. I saw Dr. Huff about four times for more injections. Three months later, I am happy to report that I am finally pain-free.

    I suffer from several autoimmune diseases that cause muscle knots in many muscles, yet no doctor that has seen me thought I should be on a muscle relaxant. Dr. Huff knew it would help my symptoms and prescribed a muscle relaxant. I haven’t felt this good in over 20 years!

    I cannot thank Dr. Huff and his team (the nicest staff I have ever met) for finally helping me get relief! You don’t have to suffer silently if you have TMJ pain or other jaw conditions! Put your trust in Dr. Huff, and you won’t be disappointed!

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