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  • Stella J.

    Have been there only once but one of the best I have gone to. His whole staff are such pleasant people as is Dr. Lanie.

  • Kristin N.

    Absolutely LOVE this dentist and his staff. Incredibly friendly and personable and an excellent dentist. Gentle and meticulous. Highly recommend.

  • Heather B.

    BEST dentist EVER!!! They made me very comfortable while getting wisdom tooth removed. The staff is so nice and he is very gentle and informative and I will never go anywhere else! Very highly recommend!

  • Tina D.

    I love them we all go there and I referred my neighbor 🙂

  • Christina B.

    If you need a dentist Lanie Family Dentistry is the best! I’ve went to a few dentist before but this place is great hands down. The staff, everyone there is so friendly they are great. Thank you all so much.

  • Lee A.

    Dr. Lanie and his staff rock! So blessed to have such a caring, wonderful group taking care of my family’s dental needs. If you are looking for a new dentist I would highly recommend Dr. Lanie!

  • Chris B.

    This is the best dentist I have ever met. I have literally went to around 20 diff dentist and this guy and his staff are the real deal! I will never go anywhere else. He has been honest and professional the entire way. I can’t say enough about them. I would highly recommend them and if you have had bad experiences at the dentist you need to try this place it’s amazing!

  • Billie J.

    I was with Dr. Kopko for many years prior to his retirement when Dr. Lanie took over his business we were skeptical about having to start over with someone new not one time have we regretted giving him a chance not only did some of the staff remain others have come back to fill in I have to say they are great if your looking for a dentist give them a chance.

  • Chelle B.

    Such wonderful care from Dr. Lanie and his staff. I called in with a problem and was seen the next day (I called when they were closed). Everyone was kind and helpful. I am so glad to have him as my dentist. I have had all kinds, none have been as wonderful as I have experienced here!

  • Jeffrey D.

    Dr. Lanie put together a treatment plan for me that was so sensible for improving my teeth and made it very affordable. Very thankful.

  • Anonymous

    Very professional and go beyond your expectations to be sure you are happy and comfortable! So friendly and they make you feel at home. Thanks Dr. Lanie. You have done excellent work on my teeth!

  • Amy S.

    We are new to the area and were recommended to Dr. Lainie. He and his staff are fantastic and we couldn’t be happier with his practice.

  • Patricia B.

    best dentists hands down.

  • tina r.

    I have so many good things to say about Lanie Family Dentistry! They are very professional and go above and beyond to make sure you are satisfied! They are so friendly and you feel right at home when you are there. Thanks Dr. Lanie for the fantastic job on my teeth!

  • Angela V.

    Dr. Lanie and his staff are fantastic. My son loves him and never complains about going. He says it doesn’t hurt.

  • Desiree B.

    Shout out to the whole staff! You guys Rock! I have a great experience every time I have been there

  • Bill A.

    Great group, dentist and staff.

  • Tina B.

    I have so many good things to say about Lanie Family Dentistry! They are very professional and go above and beyond to make sure you are satisfied! They are so friendly and you feel right at home when you are there. Thanks Dr. Lanie for the fantastic job on my teeth!

  • Cindy C.

    Dr Lanie is the best! Great dentist and amazing staff.

  • stephanie h.

    Love the doctor and staff!!

  • Jamie A.

    Dr. Lanie and his staff are wonderful. They take care of my entire family. They are professional, compassionate, and do fantastic work. I personally recommend.

  • Ben G.

    Dr. Lanie and his staff are phenomenal. Though he isn’t a “pediatric dentist,” he’s the best one on the south side. I have two young children, and I have been utterly amazed at his ability to put them at ease in order to get necessary dental work done. My wife and I are thankful to have him as our family dentist.

  • Josh C.

    Dr. Lanie and their crew is the most professional/loving dentist office I have ever been too. They not only take care of me, but my wife and little children as well. I highly recommend them to anyone as this is the best dentist office I have ever been a part of it.

  • Lukeinator G.

    Dr. Lanie and his staff are excellent. They are very professional and provide quality work. I went to his office in hopes he would be able to help make my smile slightly better. I did not believe him when he said it could be close to perfect and in 6 months. My experience was amazing, I have always been a little afraid of the dentist but Dr. Lanie made sure I was completely comfortable. I love my new smile and cannot thank Lanie Family Dentistry enough. My child and I both see Dr. Lanie now and even he is not afraid anymore.

  • Marsha S.

    The entire staff is so friendly. Always on time.

  • Michael K.

    A devoted and dedicated dentist with a great staff! Follows up with patients when dental procedures are performed and answers every question you might have!

  • Anonymous

    There are so many great things to say about this dental office! The team at Lanie Family Dentistry are extremely professional and will go above and beyond to make sure you are a satisfied patient! They make you feel right at home when you are there, like you are one of their family. Thanks Dr. Lanie and staff for the fantastic job you do on my teeth!

  • Anonymous

    Excellent dentist! Very gentle, cares about his patients and his staff is very nice! Will never go anywhere else!

  • Desiree B.

    Dr. Lanie is very understanding and makes you feel like family when you are in the office. He is always making sure you are comfortable when he is doing procedures!

  • Laura H.

    Dr. Lanie and staff were wonderful!

  • Kevin K.

    I’ve been going here for 25 years. Dr. Kopko and staff were wonderful and now that he is retired Dr. Lanie and staff have done a fine job taking over. Looking forward to staying with this location and would recommend anyone thinking about making an appointment to try them out.

  • Whitney W.

    Every single time I have been in here, it’s always been a wonderful experience! I love the staff! Every single one of them are extremely nice and make sure you’re comfortable during cleanings and procedures! Dr Lanie makes sure you understand what’s going on and explains everything. I love my dentist office!

  • Patty B.

    They are very patient focussed not only in service, comfort but necessity (or not).

  • Jamie L.

    Quick and professional as usual.

  • Phyllis N.

    Great dentist and Best staff! Very friendly and kind and caring!

  • Rebecca R.

    Dr Lanie is the best! I recommend him to everyone. His staff are wonderful folks from the community. Dr Lanie, and his staff genuinely care about the patients. I highly recommend him for you, and your family. Another plus for our red, white, and blue little town.

  • Sharon W.

    Great dental experience. Everyone very friendly.

  • Anonymous

    I recently had a couple of crowns done by a local corporate dental office and they never felt right. I had Dr. Lanie evaluate them and he pointed out the issues they had and reviewed my options to fix the issues. I decided to have the crowns replaced and I was amazed by the difference. Not just in the final result, but in the attention to detail when preparing and fitting the new crowns. Dr. Lanie and his staff are a blessing!

  • Jared C.

    Very good dentist. Quick and precise with their work. Also very friendly staff.

  • Anonymous

    The staff is always incredibly friendly and helpful. When I am there, it is like visiting with friends. I never have to wait to be seen at a scheduled appointment. My family and I feel very good about the quality of our dental care.

  • Diana A.

    My dentist is better than yours!

  • Emily M.

    Dr. Lanie and his staff were super friendly and great at making my son feel comfortable during his visits. He gave us the best and most affordable treatment option for my son’s teeth until his dental insurance would cover a more permanent solution. They are very thorough and informative when it comes to answering any questions. Highly recommend.

  • Morgan M.

    Melissa as well as Dr Lanie and the front office lady were fantastic! They took time to listen to my concerns for my 4yr old being comfortable and happy with her experience. She was over the moon and squealing about how much she loved her new dentist so much! This is what we need more of in the word. People willing to take a few extra minutes to make a little girl comfortable instead of just a number. Thank you!

  • Dawn F.

    Best and friendliest staff ever! Dr Lanie is so down to earth and so thorough. My kids and I all go here and I would recommend him to anyone!

  • Kelly C.

    Everyone at Dr. Lanie’s office is friendly and makes going to the dentist an enjoyable experience.

  • Linda and Mike G.

    My husband and I have been coming to Dr. Lanie for a few years now and staffassistance have been very good and on time.

  • Hunter B.

    Filling was fast and good.

  • John M.

    My checkups and cleanings are always thorough and go well. I appreciate that they also are attentive to your overall health as well. Very good staff!

  • Ashley L.

    I love everyone at the office. And I’m not biased at all!

  • Myra W.

    Lanie dentistry is a very caring place. They always take good care of me. They go out of their way to meet my dental needs.

  • Gene F.

    You cleaned my teeth. The young lady that did the work was fab. She took care of my sensitive tooth and her humming was soothing while she worked.

  • Laura E.

    ALWAYS a pleasant visit going to Dr Lanie and his staff, they make you very comfortable and like family. Very professional but courteous as well. I would recommend anyone to this establishment.

  • Janet D C.

    Dr. Lanie and his staff are great people!

  • Sally G.

    The staff is very friendly and nice. Dr.Lanie is very nice and treats me with a great deal of respect. Answers any question i might have. Is a pleasure to come to the dentist. Thanks for great treatment.

  • Joseph L.

    Very friendly staff that makes you feel extremely comfortable.

  • Jeremy J.

    I look forward to my appointments. The entire staff is wonderful!

  • Betty C.

    My husband and I both go there.. Great Dentint and staff they make me feel comfortable..

  • Eric S.

    Very friendly dentist and staff

  • Alexia Z.

    Everybody is so kind and caring. I love the receptionist, I love Alyssa, and Dr. Lanie!

  • Lisa B.

    Everyone is very friendly and caring and always meeting your needs. Great dentist to go to. Highly recommend him to all my friends and family.

  • Tim L.

    Dr. Lanie and his staff is outstanding. At 63 I am finally getting my teeth straightened and it has been a pleasure.

  • Brian R.

    Dr. Lanie and the office staff always meet me “where I’m at”. Whether that is helping with emergency service or communicating with me in a manner that is easiest for me…they have been flexible to make my experience as favorable as possible. I appreciate the engagement, flexibility and service.

  • Kathy C.

    Great Dentist and office staff, very caring.

  • Shaun M.

    Staff is always friendly and responsive to any concerns we have. I feel comfortable talking with Dr. Lanie about my concerns and any problems I’m having with dental work. I would recommend Lanie Family Dentistry to anyone looking for a dentist on the Southside of Indy.

  • Aubree H.

    I neglected my teeth for years out of fear and anxiety. Then one day I woke up with an abscess and had no choice but to find a dentist. Dr. Lanie’s office was the closest, that was 3 years ago. From staff holding my hand & comforting me, to Dr. Lanie’s kind, gentle professionalism, I’m no longer afraid…much!! And very thankful I have smile again!

  • Christa R.

    Although I had to have dental work done, the staff here put me at ease. From the moment I walk in, I’m greeted and treated well. The dental assistant checks on me throughout the whole process and Doctor Lanie does great work. His communication with his patients is great and something I really appreciated. The staff here from start to finish is wonderful and makes the expierence something you won’t dread.

  • Amanda O.

    I’m happy with the care my family and I receive!

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