Dental X-Rays: Your Guide to the Different Types of Tooth X-Ray

Feeling nervous about an upcoming X-ray?

Not to worry, dental X-rays are every bit as common as a tooth cleaning or root canal.

In fact, they’re so helpful that the American Dental Association and Food & Drug Administration both recommend patients undergo an X-ray once every few years to update their oral profiles.

But what can you expect when you go in for a tooth X-ray? Here’s a quick guide on the basic types of dental x-rays and their significance.

Last Words on The Most Common Types of Tooth X-Ray and Their Uses

Though getting an X-ray can be a scary experience, there’s no need to feel nervous. Tooth X-Ray technology is completely safe, and as you can see, serves an important purpose.

Whether you’re considering braces, experience tooth pain, or need corrective surgery, X-rays are as important to the world of dentistry as a toothbrush.

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