It’s estimated that around 54,000 cases of oral cancer are diagnosed in the US annually. VELscope is an FDA-approved system used to screen for oral cancer and other abnormalities which may not otherwise be visible to the eye.
Are you in need of front teeth or premolar replacements? Or are you looking for a dental option that addresses teeth located in a narrow space? If your answer is “yes” to either of these questions, you may be in need of mini dental implants.
Let's be honest, there aren't many people who look forward to going to the dentist. In fact, about 60% of people have admitted to experiencing anxiety when it comes to getting their teeth checked.
Did you know that about 42% of Americans don't see a dentist as often as they should? Regular visits to the dentist are key to prevent dental disease, cavities, and other oral issues.
Since it was clear that lasers are unlikely to replace all of the tools in a dentist's arsenal, we were curious about what kind of things dental lasers excel at, as well as the problems their use may have.
You've probably seen the term "laser dentistry" before, but many people are unclear as to what it actually involves.
Invisalign if proven to be an effective treatment for mild to complex dental concerns like gaps, overbite, underbite, open bite, crowding and crossbit.
With x-rays, there's always some degree of concern over radiation exposure. Some people argue that their dentists may be taking x-rays too frequently (citing that the ADA suggests between 2-3 years for adults with no cavities or other symptoms), while a few have argued that x-rays shouldn't be necessary at all.