Cosmetic Dentistry

There are many cases where dental implants can improve the quality of life for people with missing teeth, whether they only need a single implant, or the implants will be used for a bridge or implant-retained dentures.
Gum grafting is a relatively quick and straightforward dental surgery done to correct gum recession. Some people also do it for cosmetic reasons, such as improving the appearance of their smiles. Gum recession refers to when the gum tissue around teeth pulls or wears away, leaving them exposed at their root.
Have you wondered what causes teeth to change position as we age, whether or not it's a problem, and what can be done about it? We posed these questions to dentists to hear what they had to say. Here's what they told us.
Did you know that not all people have 32 (or 28, if wisdom teeth are removed) permanent teeth? Perhaps you are one of them. The most common reason for this occurrence is a developmental abnormality called hypodontia.
If you’re like most of us, your teeth aren’t perfectly white. In fact, years of ingesting coffee, sugar, tobacco, or any other teeth-staining substances may have yellowed or even browned your teeth. Thankfully, dentistry has evolved to a point where we no longer have to feel ashamed of our smile.
If you are experiencing a broken or chipped tooth, call your dentist ASAP; this can be considered a dental emergency. If you do not see your dentist, your tooth can become more damaged, experience infection, and you could ultimately experience tooth loss.